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Sophie is an Outdoor Professional hailing from the land of adventure itself - New Zealand. She has been engaged in key roles in designing and implementing outdoor education programmes and in preparing for and leading expeditions in an array of settings across the globe from Svalbard in the North to the jungles of Thailand in the East to the wild coasts of British Columbia in the West
With a Diploma in Outdoor Leadership and Management as a solid grounding, Sophie has a vast set of outdoors-related skills that allows her to confidently, safely and efficiently guide in a range of pursuits across a range of environments.
Sophie has a vibrant outlook on life that is infectious and lends itself with her natural instincts to teach and share knowledge. She is never one to say no to a piece (or the whole block) of chocolate, is as happy camped on a rough ledge on a mountain-top as in a proper bed (isn’t that a “proper bed” she would ask) and is disdainful of rubbery mushrooms and pesky possums.


Born in Tasmania, Ewan spent his childhood exploring the vast wilderness of his home. Not content with his first career as a Hydropower Design Consultant following completion of his Honours Degree in Civil Engineering, Ewan has spent the last decade working as an Outdoor Professional, travelling to the far reaches of the planet to ply his skills.
With experience from the tropics to the polar regions and much in between, Ewan has a depth of experience in roles ranging from Sea Kayak Instructor to Small Boat Operator to General Naturalist, Lecturer and Trainer to name but a few.
He has a profound liking for spreadsheets, hearty servings of spicy dahl and very good wine (generally well beyond his budget) but attempts at all costs to evade noisy cities, television and greasy food from bain-maires.


Together, Ewan and Sophie bring a true passion for exploration, self-discovery and living a life that embraces all that they have and all that they are. Their strengths in life and in the outdoors are highly complimentary and have seen them build a partnership of solid technical skills and knowledge, sound risk management and calculated decision-making. And through these shared and combined values, they have worked together and have tackled numerous adventures together in many corners of the globe, always a solid team, in even the most demanding of scenarios. Let them share Nature’s gifts with you…

Outdoor Offerings

  • We offer a range of services that can be tailored to suit personal needs.
  • We work with motivated individuals who share our love of the outdoors, who share our zeal for adventure and for life, yet may not have all the resources to bring their ideas and dreams to fruition.
  • We can plan, we can analyse, we can build ideas and not only that we can implement them: safely, cost-effectively, consciously and most of all, passionately.
  • We don't have fixed programs, fixed fee schedules, fixed dates. We are dynamic, we are flexible and like you, we value freedom.
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